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99% Ethanol
  • 99% Ethanol

99% Ethanol

FOB Reference Price: US  $1,000.00/MT

Min.Order: 12 MT

Supply Ability: 5000 MT

Payment: TT/LC

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Basic Info

Product Name : 99% Ethanol
Model : 99% Ethanol CAS : 67-63-0 LeadTime : 7 days Packing : drum/ISO tank

Product Description

Product Description

Ethanol has a wide range of uses and can be used for:
Solvent; organic synthesis; crystallization of various compounds; detergent; extractant;
Edible alcohol can be blended with white wine; used as a binder; nitro spray paint; solvents for varnishes, cosmetics, inks, paint removers, etc., as well as manufacturing materials for pesticides, medicines, rubber, plastics, man-made fibers, detergents, etc. Antifreeze, fuel, disinfectant, etc.

Packaging Details

50046166316 62559298400

                     18.5MT/ ISO tank                                                          160 kg/ drum

                                                                                                       12.8 MT/ 20FCL

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