Phthalocyanine pigment is mainly used in ink, paint, iron printing ink, oil paint, watercolor painting, paint printing, the coloring of rubber and plastic products, etc., occupying a very important position in the dye industry.Toodudu Shop cooperates with phthalocyanine pigment manufacturers to provide you with high-quality phthalocyanine pigment sources. The following Toodudu Shop will give you a detailed introduction to phthalocyanine pigment and its price.

Phthalocyanine pigment is a water-insoluble organic compound containing phthalocyanine molecules in its molecular structure. Phthalocyanine as a chromophore conjugated system is composed of four indoles combined to form a polycyclic molecule containing 18 electrons. Phthalocyanine pigment is bright in color, high in tinting power, and has excellent properties of high-temperature resistance and light resistance, fine particles, easy to diffuse, and easy to process and grind.

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