As of October 18, Annada Titanium produced 85,370 tons of titanium dioxide, exceeding the actual output of last year more than two months ahead of schedule, with an increase of 30.39% compared to the same period last year, creating the best level in history since the establishment of the company. The product grade 1 rate reached 97.48%, which was also increased simultaneously compared with last year.


From January to October, the company seized the opportunity of the favorable titanium dioxide market, with the construction of technical improvement projects as the main line, the construction of acid digestion low-pressure air compressor, sewage diaphragm press plate and frame, acid digestion tail gas deep treatment and other projects to significantly increase the production capacity of the enterprise; strengthen technological innovation support, waste acid double effect to single effect concentration, titanium liquid concentration technology energy-saving transformation, etc., to lay the foundation for increasing production efficiency. We pay close attention to production control, based on the gate-shifting, focus on prior prevention, advance control of the key control points of each process, for the production of sufficient buffer space, to achieve the smooth operation of production equipment. To improve the level of refinement management, strengthen site management, promote clean and civilized production, reduce costs, improve quality and increase efficiency. Strengthen the management of safety production, focus on solving the "bottleneck" problems in production, reduce the occurrence of process accidents, promote all workers to develop good safety production habits, and ensure the continuity of production. Optimize the performance assessment, mobilize the initiative of the workshop, create a working atmosphere of more work and more reward, and greatly encourage the morale of workers.